Save time and Money with Amazon Pantry!

Considering the worldwide situation, we wanted to highlight the fact that Amazon has an incredible program for customers to get their pantry type food delivered to them through the Amazon Pantry household essentials program.

Whether it's for groceries, snacks, beverages, cleaning products, or personal care, they've got everything you'd find in a regular grocery store. Plus, it gets delivered to your house for free (as long as you're a prime member and order 35$ or more)

Welcome to Pantry
Amazon customers in select regions can skip the store trip and shop online for grocery and household essentials in everyday sizes. Pantry offers low prices on a variety of products from grocery items like snacks and beverages to beauty and cleaning supplies. Plus, save even more in Pantry! Buy any 5 Pantry items and save 5%. Buy any 10 items or more and save 10% on your entire Pantry order. Enjoy additional exclusive offers, coupons, and promotions, plus Prime members get FREE shipping on all Pantry orders over $35. We carry thousands of items from brands you love including Kellogg's, Nestle, Bounty, Tide, Kraft, Pepsi, more! It’s easy—skip the shopping trip and get your list delivered.

Head over to the Amazon Pantry page and see if you're location is eligible for this incredible program. Avoid stores, and close contact in these difficult times.

Happy Savings!

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