Save 49% on Car and Driver - CDC-646 Dash Cam at Best Buy

Whether it's to protect yourself in the event of a car crash, or capture dumb drivers on your daily commute, the Car and Driver - CDC-646 dash cam is a steal right now at Best Buy.


High-quality (1080p) video recording

Allows you to capture sharp high-definition footage.

145° viewing angle

Provides expansive shooting coverage with minimal edge-to-edge distortion.

3.7" LCD display

For a clear view.

Built-in G-sensor

Supports emergency video file backup when an accident happens.

Motion detection technology

Fixing movement in front of the camera while your car is parked and begin recording until it does not detect any movement for a set amount of time.

Loop recording

Makes sure the video will be continuously recorded even when memory card is low on free space. Once memory card gets full, oldest segments are removed automatically making the way for latest recordings.

USB interface

For simple connectivity.

Night vision

Ensures the highest picture quality day or night.

Forward Collision Warning System

Warns you if you are approaching a vehicle or another object too quickly so that you have time to react.

Focus free

Fixed-focus lens that doesn't automatically adjust so that you always see what's going on ahead.

8GB microSD card included

For convenient and long lasting operations.

Windshield mount

Include suction and tape mount.

Protect yourself and your vehicle with this great deal from Best Buy on the Car and Driver - CDC-646 dash cam!

Happy Savings!

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