Berenguer Boutique 15" Soft Body Baby Doll with Gift Set.

Even though it won't make it for Christmas, 15" Soft Baby Doll from Berenguer Boutique is a steal right now with 48% off!

The Berenguer Boutique 15" Baby Doll will let your child learn what it's like to take care of a baby.

Children (for the most part) are hands on learners. So this is a perfect way to develop their self help skills and learn valuable social skills.

As adorable as it is to watch children caring for their dolls or toys, it actually has a huge impact on their development. The gift set included with the doll has everything a child needs to play, care for, feed, and love their soft baby doll.

The Berenguer Boutique Soft Baby Doll has incredibly detailed arms, legs, and head. Plus, the baby doll has eyes that open and close.

The gift set includes:

  • 2 piece embroidered outfit

  • Spare outfit

  • Pair of adorable shoes

  • Baby bottle

  • Pacifier

  • Rattle toy

  • Feeding accessories

Recommended for children ages 2 and up. This is a great gift which can have lasting effects on a child's development.

Take advantage of a great deal with 48% off on the Berenguer Boutique 15" Soft Baby Doll with Gift Set today!

Happy Savings!


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