Amazon Whole Foods During COVID-19 Pandemic

As some of you are likely aware, Amazon has a grocery delivery service called Amazon Whole Foods.

Although inventory and delivery are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand, you can still try to get your essentials through their Whole Foods site on Amazon. New inventory and delivery windows are made available throughout the day.

You can order online or pick up in store at a local Whole Foods grocery store near you.

Under normal circumstances they have 3 delivery options to best suit your needs.

One-Hour Delivery If you select a one-hour delivery option, a delivery fee will be charged based on the order’s subtotal. Two-Hour Delivery You can receive free two-hour delivery on orders over $35. Pickup For orders over $35, you can select the Free Pickup window as soon as 1 hour after checkout. If your order is less than $35 or you choose to pick up as soon as 30 minutes after checkout, a pickup fee will be charged. We currently do not accept tips online or in person for pickup.

We wanted to share this with our readers as it could be an excellent alternative to leaving your home. Especially if you have little ones at home and don't want to take any unnecessary risks.

Stay safe everyone!

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